Bug 8448 - Core dump on FreeBSD 7.2 amd64, Samba 3.4 and 3.5
Summary: Core dump on FreeBSD 7.2 amd64, Samba 3.4 and 3.5
Alias: None
Product: Samba 3.4
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Nmbd (show other bugs)
Version: 3.4.14
Hardware: All All
: P5 normal
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Jeremy Allison
QA Contact: Samba QA Contact
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Reported: 2011-09-09 06:31 UTC by John Waugh
Modified: 2020-11-16 12:05 UTC (History)
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Description John Waugh 2011-09-09 06:31:06 UTC
I updated from 3.3.13 to 3.5.11 (and later also tried 3.4.14), and whenever I try to connect, via smbclient for example, I get a core dump just after entering my password.

3.3 works just fine, so I have reverted to that.
Happy to provide more info though, if you can tell me what you want.

Example log info:

[2011/09/08 22:29:41,  0] lib/util_tdb.c:tdb_log(682)
 tdb(/var/db/samba/gencache.tdb): tdb_reopen: file dev/inode has changed!
[2011/09/08 22:29:41,  0] lib/util.c:reinit_after_fork(1054)
 tdb_reopen_all failed.
[2011/09/08 22:29:41,  0] smbd/server.c:open_sockets_smbd(773)
 reinit_after_fork() failed
[2011/09/08 22:29:41,  0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(1673)
 PANIC (pid 86439): reinit_after_fork() failed
[2011/09/08 22:29:41,  0] lib/util.c:log_stack_trace(1777)
 BACKTRACE: 0 stack frames:
[2011/09/08 22:29:41,  0] lib/fault.c:dump_core(231)
 dumping core in /var/log/samba/cores/smbd

And the corresponding smbclient session:

smbclient -d4 '\\myserver\myshare
lp_load_ex: refreshing parameters
Initialising global parameters
max_open_files: increasing sysctl_max (11095) to minimum Windows limit (16384)
rlimit_max: increasing rlimit_max (11095) to minimum Windows limit (16384)
params.c:pm_process() - Processing configuration file "/usr/local/etc/smb.conf"
Processing section "[global]"
doing parameter workgroup = WORKGROUP
doing parameter server string = 
doing parameter security = share
doing parameter hosts allow = 192.168.1. 127.
doing parameter printing = bsd
doing parameter load printers = no
doing parameter guest account = smbguest
doing parameter log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
doing parameter max log size = 50
doing parameter dns proxy = no
pm_process() returned Yes
added interface nfe0 ip= bcast= netmask=
Client started (version 3.5.11).
Enter myuser's password: 
tdb(/var/db/samba/gencache.tdb): tdb_open_ex: could not open file /var/db/samba/gencache.tdb: Permission denied
resolve_lmhosts: Attempting lmhosts lookup for name myserver<0x20>
startlmhosts: Can't open lmhosts file /usr/local/etc/lmhosts. Error was No such file or directory
resolve_wins: Attempting wins lookup for name myserver<0x20>
resolve_wins: WINS server resolution selected and no WINS servers listed.
resolve_hosts: Attempting host lookup for name myserver<0x20>
Connecting to at port 445
 session request ok
protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_PIPE_BROKEN
Comment 1 John Waugh 2011-09-09 06:47:31 UTC
I got 3.5 working by tweaking some 'make config' options.

In particular, for the non-working case, I had the following enabled:


In order to get it working, I turned on this (super)set:


It seems like either some options should not in fact be optional (in which case I should bug the port maintainer), or there is a bug in Samba.
Comment 2 Björn Jacke 2020-11-16 12:05:37 UTC
I think this is not a problem with current versions.