Bug 181 - Simple smb.conf REQUIRES idmap uid/gid
Summary: Simple smb.conf REQUIRES idmap uid/gid
Alias: None
Product: Samba 3.0
Classification: Unclassified
Component: winbind (show other bugs)
Version: 3.0.0preX
Hardware: All other
: P1 major
Target Milestone: none
Assignee: Gerald (Jerry) Carter (dead mail address)
QA Contact:
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Reported: 2003-06-20 19:35 UTC by John H Terpstra (mail address dead(
Modified: 2005-08-24 10:17 UTC (History)
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Description John H Terpstra (mail address dead( 2003-06-20 19:35:00 UTC
smb.conf file:
        workgroup = MIDEARTH
        netbios name = HOBBIT
        security = SHARE
        comment = Data
        path = /export
        guest only = Yes

1. Remove ALL .tdb file including secrets.tdb - if they exist
2. start samba (smbd, nmbd only)
3. Run
       smbclient -L localhost -U%

Error is:
       protocol negotiation failed

4. Now edit smb.conf to add:
    idmap uid = 1000-1100
    idmap gid = 1000-1100

Restart samba (smbs, nmbd, winbind)

Result is it works!

A Simple site must run winbind!

Andrew Bartlett says:
[18:59:27] <jht> I found that I need: passdb backend = guest
[18:59:32] <abartlet> yep
[18:59:35] <abartlet> you always need that
[18:59:45] <jht> But I also need idmap uid/gid or it will not play with me
[18:59:56] <jht> I am usingsecurity = share.
[19:00:19] <jht> And if winbindd is not running then this guest mode access
does not work.
[19:00:25] <abartlet> ok - that's a bug
[19:00:32] <jht> Ah!
[19:00:40] <abartlet> winbind should only be needed when you are running in an
NT domain, and want those 
[19:00:49] <abartlet> any other requirement for winbind is a bug
[19:01:01] <abartlet> (or if you are running pam_winbind etc)
[19:01:05] <jht> Ok. So how do I report that?
[19:01:43] <abartlet> file it in bugzilla for now, but try to track down what's
using it
[19:02:02] <jht> So then, what is the most minimum config for guest only read
only access to a share?
[19:02:19] <jht> Do we even need the "passdb backend" in smb.conf?
[19:02:42] <abartlet> the default should work
[19:02:53] <jht> So default is:
[19:03:18] <jht> no netbios name, no workgroup, no global section?
[19:03:42] <abartlet> should work...
[19:03:50]  abartlet thinks it won't but it should...
[19:04:34] <jht> Ah, but that creates user mode.
[19:04:45] <jht> So, we do need global.
[19:06:42] <abartlet> well, I like your 'map to guest' torture test...
Comment 1 John H Terpstra (mail address dead( 2003-06-20 19:53:50 UTC
Just worked on this some more. Winbindd does NOT need to be running. The sole
requirement is for "idmap uid/gid" to be defined in smb.conf.

Note: Once the tdb files have been populated with a working configuration the
removal of the "idmap uid/gid" can be affected without problem.

The difference is in the contents of the idmap.tdb file!

Here is the idmap.tdb that was formed WITHOUT "idmap uid/gid":
linux:/var/lib/samba # smbclient -L localhost -U%
protocol negotiation failed
linux:/var/lib/samba # tdbdump idmap.tdb
key = "UID 65534\00"
data = "S-1-5-21-3409129159-854989897-4277649480-501\00"
key = "S-1-5-21-3409129159-854989897-4277649480-501\00"
data = "UID 65534\00"
key = "IDMAP_VERSION\00"
data = "\02\00\00\00"

Here is the idmap.tdb created WITH "idmap uid/gid" defined in smb.conf:
linux:/var/lib/samba # tdbdump idmap.tdb
key = "USER HWM\00"
data = "\E8\03\00\00"
key = "S-1-5-21-3409129159-854989897-4277649480-514\00"
data = "GID 65533\00"
key = "UID 65534\00"
data = "S-1-5-21-3409129159-854989897-4277649480-501\00"
key = "GID 65533\00"
data = "S-1-5-21-3409129159-854989897-4277649480-514\00"
key = "S-1-5-21-3409129159-854989897-4277649480-501\00"
data = "UID 65534\00"
key = "GROUP HWM\00"
data = "\E8\03\00\00"
key = "IDMAP_VERSION\00"
data = "\02\00\00\00"

Once these entries have been created in idmap.tdb, there is no longer a need for
the "idmap uid/gid" entries in smb.conf.

I do believe this is broken behaviour. Ce n'est pas mes amies?
Comment 2 Andrew Bartlett 2003-06-21 01:41:10 UTC
I've applied a patch to remove the dependence on the idmap uid/gid.

JHT has indicated (on IRC) he can no longer reproduce, so I've closed this bug
Comment 3 Gerald (Jerry) Carter (dead mail address) 2005-02-07 08:39:32 UTC
originally reported against 3.0.0beta1.  CLeaning out 
non-production release versions.
Comment 4 Gerald (Jerry) Carter (dead mail address) 2005-08-24 10:17:53 UTC
sorry for the same, cleaning up the database to prevent unecessary reopens of bugs.