Samba 2.2

SAMBA_2_2 cvs branch CIFS File/Print/Authentication server (including client and server components)

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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Config Files Gerald (Jerry) Carter
smb.conf parameters, variables, parsing, etc.... (**not for configuration help**)
Docs Jelmer Vernooij
Documentation included with Samba
Domain Control Gerald (Jerry) Carter
Samba DC functionality
File Services Gerald (Jerry) Carter
Samba's File service including MS-DFS
libsmbclient Gerald (Jerry) Carter
CIFS client library
nmbd Gerald (Jerry) Carter
NetBIOS name service daemon and network browsing
Packaging Gerald (Jerry) Carter
Packaging scripts for creating binary distributions
Printing Gerald (Jerry) Carter
Samba printing subsystem including Lanman and spoolss features
rpcclient Tim Potter
rpcclient developer tool
smbclient Gerald (Jerry) Carter
smbclient tool
SWAT Kai Blin
Samba Web Administration Tool
Upgrade Gerald (Jerry) Carter
Bugs upgrading from one version to another
User/Group Accounts Gerald (Jerry) Carter
User level authentication, passdb, and group mapping
winbind Gerald (Jerry) Carter
Domain membership and winbindd