A user account is required to report new bugs or to comment into existing ones, as you may be contacted for more information if needed. This also lets other users clearly identify who is the author of comments or changes made into bugs. Note that your email address will never be displayed to logged out users. Only registered users will be able to see it.

We do NOT allow mail accounts of disposable mail providers here, if you try that, you will just fail in the next step. For corporate users we recommend to use the corporate mail address because that helps us to estimate the scope that the bug has for you.

The bugs reported in The Samba-Bugzilla will be worked on in the spare time of the developers usually. This is why there is no guarantee to get a fix or a reaction in the time frame that you need. Corporate users might also prefer to find commercial support for Samba.

Now finally please send a mail to bugzilla-maintenance@samba.org and briefly describe what kind of bug you want to report and which is your name and mail address that you would like to use for your bugzilla account. Your account creation will then be triggered soon.